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elaborate. [12 Nov 2002|10:19pm]
To admit a belief merely because it is a custom - but that means to be dishonest, cowardly, lazy! - And so could dishonesty, cowardice and laziness be the preconditions for morality?

can someone PLEASE elaborate...
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With a question... [20 Oct 2002|05:19pm]
I really like The Doors.

Well, anyways, I was posed with a question today, if homosexuality is carried in the genes, then how are gay men or women reproducing to even have offspring? Since homosexuality seems to have grown over the last decade, how is the homosexuals are managing to reproduce so much over time? Oh good, Katy is here, I have to go to her dorm to help her clean and decorate!

Much love, Michelle aka Misha ;)

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coffee rules! [04 Jul 2002|06:04pm]
I swear, me and Lina are the coffee addicts of SF! lol! It's a love/hate type of thing we have with coffee. I hate the calories, I hate the fact I can't wake without it, but I love the taste! Wee! Well dinner is here...I will update later!
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homosexuality thoughts... [16 May 2002|04:36pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

i've always wondered if maybe homosexuality (which i have total support for) is part of an evolutionary response against overpopulation. like when a beehive becomes too crowded and the female drones lose the scent of their queen, they become breeders and move out with some of the hive. maybe the "unnatural" act of homosexuality, which does not result in procreation, is some instinctual, automatic reaction to overpopulation

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Today [03 May 2002|04:01pm]
Today, I lent my book Why Im Not a Christian by Bertrand Russel to my friend Jessica. I hope she reads it like she said she would. I have lent books and essays out to people who end up not truly reading them. Not too nice. Oh well, Jessica is trust worthy. Jerimy called me earlier, he wants me and him to meet at our Starbuck's Coffee. I think I will, being it Friday and all. Something relaxing sounds good, and that's it.
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clients [01 May 2002|09:21pm]
Who recommends the LJ client for download? Im downloading it right now, hopefully it's helpful.


I really enjoy his essays. Not that I agree with them, but it's nice to see a real artist out there for once.
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New [01 May 2002|09:13pm]
I am brand new at this journal thing. I will go search now for other philosophy lovers and see what they say...
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